What to Cook When You Don’t Feel Like Cooking is… exactly that.

One craveable, “complete meal” recipe delivered to your inbox every Sunday morning.

What to Cook takes the guesswork out of mealtime. Beautiful meals to be proud of, in under an hour. Each recipe is a one-stop shop: a complete meal.

No more stressing over picking three different recipes that go well together, shopping for three different recipes, and then actually cooking three different recipes.

No getting halfway through a recipe just to realize that the sauce has to simmer for four hours… when dinner’s supposed to be ready in 20 minutes.

These recipes don’t compromise on quality, but utilize shortcuts and time-saving hacks to create complete meals in just minutes. 

No more scrolling around the internet for hours trying to decide what’s for dinner. I’ve got you covered.

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Who’s cooking?

What to Cook is written by me, Caroline Chambers, a professional recipe developer and cookbook author who, after having two kids, and suddenly having very little spare time, got a lot better at my job. I develop recipes that dirty minimal dishes, use fewer ingredients, and require less time - but still absolutely rock. There are a lot of nights where I don’t feel like cooking - here’s what I cook.

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Caroline Chambers 

Cookbook author, food writer, recipe developer, mom. I create delicious recipes with as few dishes, ingredients, and little fuss as possible.