summer travel restaurant recommendations

Bald Head Island, NC tip: have Cape Fear Boil Company cater a low country boil at your house!

The thread from last week about all of our favorite regional foods makes me smile SO BIG. It is incredible how diverse our cuisine is across the country thanks in large part to immigration patterns. If you haven’t checked it out and added your own, please do! It is such a fun read.

My husband George and I are headed to British Columbia for our ten year anniversary in a week, and I’ve been asking my Instagram followers for tips on where to eat and what to do. I’m so lucky to have thousands of people to ask for advice any time I travel… so I thought I’d open that up here and see if we can all help each other out! Crowd-sourced tips are the best!

Here’s what to do:

  1. If you’re traveling some place new and need advice on where to eat / what to do, ask below!

  2. Scroll through and see if you have any tips for any of the places people list!

  3. If you have tips for a popular summer vacation spot, go ahead and list them below!

I’ll start by adding some of mine in the thread!