midweek chitchat #8

holiday gift guides!


*Spoiler alert: if you’re related to me, stop reading if you don’t want to know what you’re getting for Christmas! Seriously mom, stop reading. Also - there are affiliate links in this post.*

I am very curious to see how the whole “none of your holiday gifts are going to arrive on time!” panic of 2021 plays out — but out of an abundance of caution, I am jumping on the bandwagon and tackling my holiday shopping over the next several weeks.

I always start my *gifting process* by making a list of the people I need to buy gifts for. Then I scan my brain/home for all of my favorite things that I personally purchased or received as gifts over the past year. Then I make matches between the two lists.

My nephew will be gifted a few books and toys that Mattis loves, my sister will receive one of my new skincare obsessions, my mom will receive a few bottles of Kosterina olive oil, more apple cider vinegar gummies since she’s out of the last bottle she stole from me, and some new nonstick skillets. My best friends will receive various items depending on our shared passions — a favorite new cookbook, my favorite pair of leggings, a pair of knockoff earbuds, a massive box of Levain cookies.

I turned all of my favorite things into a number of gift guides — with items ranging from fancy kitchen tools to hot sauce to diamond necklaces to the most perfect leggings. I think you’ll find something for every lady and baby on your list! I haven’t tackled gift guides for men yet…

Click here to access all of the guides!